Responsibility Clause

GO Tours Responsibilities

"G. O. TOURS S. A." act only as agents for the hotels, steamship companies, railroads, airlines, motor coach companies or owners and contractors providing accommodation or other services, and all coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets are issued subject to any and all tariffs, terms and other conditions under which any accommodation, transportation or any other services whatsoever are provided by such hotels, steamship companies, railroads, airlines or owners or contractors and insurance and acceptance of any such coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets shall be deemed to be consent to the further conditions. That "G. O. TOURS S. A." shall not be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage to persons, property or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly, from acts of God, dangers, incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities, de jute or de facto, wars whether declared or not, strikes, riots, customs regulations, delays or cancellations or change of itinerary or schedules, or from any cause beyond the "G. O. TOURS S. A." control, or for any loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passports, visas or other documents and that "G. O. TOURS S. A." shall not be or become responsible for any additional expenses or liability sustained by the purchase as a result of the foregoing causes.